A Woman Rides the Beast

By Dave Hunt Published 1994, 549 pages

Overturning the Reformation

1. A Woman Rides the Beast!

2. Reason to Believe

3. A Passover Plot?

4. An Unfolding Revelation

5. Mystery, Babylon

6. A City on Seven Hills

7. Fraud and Fabricated History

8. Unbroken Line of Apostolic Succession?

9. Infallible Heretics?

10. Infallibility and Tyranny

11. Upon This Rock?

12. Unholy Mother

13. Seducer of Souls

14. An Incredible Metamorphosis

15. Unholy Alliances

16. Dominion over Kings

17. Blood of the Martyrs

18. Background to the Holocaust

19. The Vatican, the Nazis, and the Jews

20. The Slaughter of the Serbs

21. The Vatican Ratlines

22. Sola Scriptura?

23. A Question of Salvation

24. “Sacrifice” of the Mass

25. The Reformation Betrayed

26. Apostasy and Ecumenism

27. What about Mary?

28. The Coming New World Order

Appendix A: Purgatory

Appendix B: Indulgences

Appendix C: Dominion over Kings: Further Documentation

Appendix D: Papal Infallibility and Apostolic Succession

Appendix E: Papal Heretics, the Bible, and Galileo

Appendix F: What About Tradition?


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